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local slags website review

Too smug!" - The Truth, "His main problem is that he has about 2 jokes per episode and then streches them out (mainly by repeating them).
There are wheel-arch extensions, the headlamps are bixenon units, and the Bose sound system is powerful.
And his taking the piss out of other comedians is a bit desperate (implicit - 'I'm better/ more intelligent than other comedians - and so are you for coming to see me' ).
Look out, look out, gammon-headed bastard about.
" - Finnsia, "I'm a comedian and I'm better than this guy, no wonder he's unknown in the UK, it's just not up to standard - it's tired, derivative, vapid and tedious - come on Stewart.He keeps doing the same tired sixth form iroinic 'liberal' shite.Other comedians could do the same but realise it's lazy and crap, but with a coating of Stewart's smug veneer it becomes 'intelligent' to his audience, cunts sucked into the Lee vortex of smug who think Lee is some military general of comedy who sets.It's like watching Morrissey having a breakdown, only without the laughs." - Dr Sanchez, "He looks like Morrissey's elder, fatter, less funny brother!Then Anderson brought up a personal attack by Lee on fellow "funny man" Russell Brand during one of Lee's stand up shows.The whole TV show struck me as hugely pompous, especially the insets with that smug twat Iannucci, and the attempts to justify weak material by having Iannucci point it out made me angry.Combine the internal-combustion engines output with the electric motors and the total available thrust is 416 horsepower at 5500 rpm with 435 lb-ft of torque on call from 1250 rpm.Burn in Hell Stuart Lee." - Christian1truefaith, m "Stewart tampa adult dating Lee is one unfunny, smug, public school Tarquin." - Parvulesco, "In my opinion Stewart Lee is a very dangerous man who needs to be locked away in a strait jacket in a psychiatric hospital." - Expat.Apparently during this attack, Lee"d Brand, the" demonstrating that Brand is an immoral, shitty, worthless excuse for a human is eye contact during sex weird being, and not the intellectually and morally superior experimental kind of individual that Lee.Just repeat what you've said, 98 times, each time more slowly with a longer gap between words.I think Stewart Lee is a total cock, unfunny as a dose of the clap and boring as shite and therefore don't watch him.

Just because he's heard of William Tyndall doesn't make him funny.
O tempora,.
And anyway, he was fine as he was, until you ruined it all.
Isn't it BBC?" - Cripesonfriday, Twitter "I'd rather hear some good arse jokes than endure Lee's self satisfied smuggery." - Sparebub, "Classic left wing socialist comedian.
I find his response train-spotterly creepy, and like him less, not more, for." - Starsky Tandoori, Fall Forum "It's time to start calling bullshit on Stewart Lee." - Splendid Timwah, Twitter "Smug knows the right people in the right place will be.Then he done a poo on stage.As a result, I feel strongly engaged in the issue of who has the right to be paid to make me laugh.Well the British brainwashing corporation is on the ropes and with a bit of luck they will die and we can get rid of communism and leftism once and for all." - 21stcenturynostradamus, "Im a big fan of Stewart Lee.Thats more illusion than reality.Some sad failure of a comic taking the piss out of the more successful, funnier Russel Howard.Made an absolute fool of himself." - Lianne, "One of those deluded self righteous liberal cunts who choose to be blind to certain issues." - Luke Griffiths, "Urgh i don't think stewart lee's voice could get any more smug and annoying." - Vicki Fran.Oh irony!" - Belated Comission, "Is he always this dull?