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Maturity date meaning in hindi

maturity date meaning in hindi

In Tamil, the hymns of the Nyars were arranged and anthologized for scriptural and recitative use by the 11th century.
In the later additions, the first and probably the last books, east sussex local history groups King Rma is accepted as an incarnation of the god Vishnu, rather than merely a perfect man and hero.
A fine example is the Daakumracarita (Tales of Ten Princes by Dain (6th/7th century in which, within the framework of a boxing story, the picaresque adventures of 10 disinherited princes are described in prose.
Apart from the more seriously intended plays described above, the Sanskrit theatre also has a rich repertory of farces, which are usually in one act.Governing LAW These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India.Peculiar to Assamese literature are the buranji s, chronicles written in a prose tradition brought to Assam by the Ahoms of Burma.Much the same is true of the next layer of Vedic texts (800600 bc the rayakas (Books Studied in the Forest).Even the somewhat abstruse rhetorical speculations of the Sanskritic poetic schools of analysis were used as formulas for the production of 17th-century Hindi court poetry; the Rasikapriy (Beloved of the Connoisseur) of Keavadsa is a good example of this kind of tour de force.A more modern literature arose under the influence of Western models; notable among the contemporary representatives of Sinhalese literature are Kumaranatunga, a critic, Matin Wickremasinghe, a novelist, and Tennakoon, a poet.

It was the language in use by the Theravda school of Buddhism; but, since that school became the dominant one among many in early Buddhism, the Pli language is often identified with the Buddha s own speech.
Less artificial is the Naiadhacarita (The Life of Nala, King of Niadha written by the 12th-century poet rhara and based on the story of Nala and Damayant in the Mahbhrata.
From Bengal spread a new sense of national purpose, which became the principal motivation for much English as well as vernacular literature.
Called vrs (Immersed Ones they had as their first representatives Poykai, Pta, and Pyr, who composed centuries (groups of 100) of linked verses ( antti in which the final line of a verse is the beginning line of the next and the final line.
The entire erotic experience, from budding love to the aftermath of consummation, is represented brilliantly in lyric poetry.Nothing at all, venerable Sir.The latter sect was perhaps the more productive, for it became associated with bhakti, when that movement stirred Mahrshtra in the early 14th century, and particularly with the popular cult of Vihoba at Pandharpur.Most mahkvya s display such set pieces as descriptions of cities, oceans, mountains, the seasons, the rising of the sun and moon, games, festivals, weddings, embassies, councils, war, and triumph.Artists traditionally have enjoyed a high position in South Asian societies.Reacting against them were the Marxist poets Ram Vilas Sharma and Nagarjuna and experimentalists such.S.Then, in the 13th century, refugee noblemen, soldiers, and men of letters from Iran and Central Asia came pouring into India.The Suttanipta collection of the Buddhist canon, composed in a more formal style, contains 55 narrative and didactic poems, in the form of dialogues and ballads; they are composed in a metre akin to the Sanskrit loka.